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Manual hot air blower which can be used for welding, shrinking, heating up, etc., wherever a blow of heated air is needed. Equipped with a variable temperature and pipe casing against burns. Mainly used to heat the surface in the production processes, hard and flexible plastics welding, tarpaulin, banner, membrane and industrial foli welding. With the variety of the nozzles the device can be easily adapted to a particular task.

Sample applications:
* Plastic welding (in industry and motorisation)
* PVC flooring welding
* Tarpaulin welding in factories and repair service companies repairing
* Welding banners and mesh nets in advertising companies
* Membranes, geomembranes, films, fols and bituminous primers welding
* Production lines assembly
* Heating up
* Plastics molding
* Defrosting
* Shrinking foil
* And many others

Bosite-D Bosite-D
Technical Data
Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power 1600W
Temperature 20-700 °C
Isolation class II class
Weight 1 kg
Pressure 3000 Pa
Air outlet 30 mm
Certificate CE